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Auchengray Primary School, Auchengray Road, Auchengray, Lanark, ML11 8LN t.  01501 785245  e. office@auchengray-pri.s-lanark.sch.uk

At Auchengray Primary School we strive to promote a positive, safe, welcoming and inclusive ethos where all members of our community feel supported and encouraged to achieve. 
Auchengray Primary is committed to providing an emotionally and physically safe environment where all children enjoy learning and are supported to achieve. We ensure that all children experience a broad and balanced curriculum, nurturing and developing the whole child. Children are at the centre of all that we do and we listen carefully to their opinions and perspectives to ensure that learning has purpose and meaning. We develop partnerships with parents, valuing their views and support, in order to provide the very best opportunities for all children. High self esteem, confidence, happiness and motivation characterise learners at Auchengray to enable them to be prepared for life in the 21st century.
We aim to promote Successful Learners by:
  • being a learning school where all members of the community are supported to engage in learning opportunities which are matched to their individual needs
  • continuously developing our curriculum and methodologies to ensure our children engage in  quality learning experiences which are active, relevant, engaging, challenging and motivating
  • developing within our children a love of learning and an understanding of the value of education in enhancing the quality of their lives 
We aim to promote Confident Individuals by:
  • enabling our children to achieve success and to develop personal and social skills which enable them to interact successfully with others
  • providing a caring and supportive environment in partnership with parents and the wider community which promotes  an ethos of achievement and a sense of equality and fairness where children value themselves and others.
  • promoting a healthy and active lifestyle 
We aim to promote Responsible Citizens by:
  • fostering caring attitudes in our children and help them to develop an understanding of right and wrong and to show respect for all
  • encouraging our children to understand, respect and care for their own community and to recognise Scotland’s place within the Global Community
  • supporting our children to make informed choices and decisions about their learning, community and actions 
We aim to promote Effective Contributors by:
  • motivating pupils to succeed across the broad spectrum of the curriculum, highlighting their achievements
  • encouraging enterprising attitudes, independent learning skills as well as the ability to work  as part of a team  
  • providing opportunities for all members of our community to take on leadership roles which develop them personally and positively impact on learning experiences 
In striving to achieve these aims we commit the process of self-evaluation and continuous improvement to the benefit of learning and teaching and positive outcomes for our children.