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We love to celebrate achievements at Auchengray Primary and are especially interested in what our children do out of school.
So congratulations to –

Gaby came 1st in Cross Country
Ewan came 3rd in Cross Country
Isaac made a snow house
Ben won a trophy in moto cross
Leila won medals at a competition in Ediunburgh
Leila brought in some art work she had done at home
Beth made some pictures at home
Robert went to Scout camp and brought in his camp blanket to show everyone
Noah has now joined Beavers and has already gained some badges

Allana named one of the SLC gritters
Ashton brought in his dinosaur drawing he did at home
Noah is now a Beaver and brought in his jumper and new badges
Hayden brought in the art work he has been doing at home
Leila won 3 medals in a competition in Larkhall
Sarah has been creating more beautiful art work at home
Leila won certificates and medals in her dancing grading
Robert has been busy making and painting models
Gaby won an athletics award
Ewan took part in a soccer sevens event
Hayden brought in the Lego model he made
Sarah made Lego models at home with moving parts
Allana came second in the MSP Christmas card competition
Allana came second for her age group in the SLC Road Safety Calendar Competition
Leila, Ben, Annabel and Diarmad all got Highly Commended certificates in the SLC Road Safety Calendar Competition
Sarah has created some amazing art work at home

Gaby took part in the Cumbernauld Santa Run
Isaac has gained even more Beaver badges
Ewan won a football trophy at the end of season football presentation for his hard work
Leila won medals at a competition in Zetland
Leila won medals for her dancing in Cleveden
Leila won medals in a dancing competition in Denny
Gaby ran in her first national competition at the Emirates
Alexander took part in his first rugby festival
Beth achieved a gymnastics award
Gaby took part in the 5km Loch Ness Happy 5km run
Allana cames 1st, 2nd and 5th and Reserve Champion in Leading Competition in Lanark
Ben has gained more badges at Beavers
Leila won medals at a dancing competition in Cleveden
Diarmad has been making electonic kits
Leila won medals at the Glasgow MOD
Gaby took part in the Great Scottish Run and was 12th girl to finish
Leila won 6 medals at a dancing competition in Dalkeith
Gaby came first in 1km race in Cumbernauld
Gaby has a new 5km PB of 22.46
Ewan has been making some model boats and planes
Robert made an amazing Lego boat
Sarah made a Lego campervan and gave us a guided tour of it
Isaac won 3 1sts at the Flower Show and a trophy
Robert won a trophy at the Flower SHow
Ashton won a 1st and a 2nd at the Flower Show
Noah won two 3rds at the Flower Show
Jenson won a 1st at the Flower Show
Ewan went to see Scotland play France
Isaac went to see Aberdeen play Ross County

Skills’ Diary

This year we will be developing an on-line Skill Diary.

To help make learning relevant, Curriculum for Excellence promotes skills for:
  • Learning – thinking skills which will encourage the deep learning learners can apply in real-life and relevant situations.
  • Life – core skills required to enable learners to make meaningful contributions to their own lives and the wider society.
  • Work – skills identified in the Scottish Government’s lifelong skills strategy which are valued highly by employers and are key to success in the world of work.
This term we are focusing on our Health and Wellbeing using a variety of activities.

In Maths, we will be continuing our Number and Numeracy.

In Language, we will continue to use the North Lanarkshire literacy ideas. We are now have a spelling test each week. We are also developing our literacy by focusing on talking and listening activities across learning and using different reading skills such as scanning and skimming, making predictions, metallinguistics and determining the importance.

Target Setting

An important focus of Curriculum for Excellence is pupils being responsible for their own learning and setting targets. At Auchengray Primary School, our children reflect on their learning in a variety of ways through group discussions, conversations with the teacher and other adults at the school and through peer and self-assessment. At Auchengray Primary School, we are developing setting targets in Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing.
Greater ownership of personal learning leads to confidence and a sense of success through achievement.
Across learning, children will make progress by developing their learning and thinking skills. The development of thinking skills is central to Curriculum for Excellence.
These transferable skills will equip pupils for the world of further and higher education, for work and for life.